Friday, October 28, 2011

Bills' offensive scheme trumps its personnel

The Buffalo Bills’ offense has been successful through the air despite a carousel at the wide receiver position.

Why? It’s a scheme thing. And that’s not a dig at the Bills’ personnel. The fact that the Bills can run a sort of plug-and-play system means they’re not dependent on a single “skill position” player in the passing game.

“I know Chan’s creative,” Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett told the Washington media Thursday. “… I think they do a great job utilizing their personnel in trying to get – they spread the field – and try to get you one-on-one in a mismatch.”

Buffalo, which will face the Redskins Sunday in Toronto, has also allowed only six sacks on quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. And while the offensive line has done a good job despite some shifting around due to injury, they’re not asked to hold their blocks for too long because of Buffalo’s quick-strike system.

“More of it’s the scheme and what they’re doing,” Haslett said. “He gets the ball out of his hands fast.”

The Redskins, with a defense that is tied for first in the league in sacks (21), will look to disrupt Fitzpatrick and the passing attack, though they’ll have to get to him quick.

Haslett also said Fitzpatrick was "smart" -- multiple times, in fact. But that's to be expected, as it's in the Talking-About-Ryan-Fitzpatrick Handbook.

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