Friday, October 28, 2011

Redskins' Haslett: Jackson can do everything

While the Washington Redskins will be up against the best AFC running back in terms of yards per game Sunday in Toronto, they’ll also be facing a guy who, according to Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, “can do everything.”

“He’s really, really good in protection,” Haslett told the Washington media Thursday regarding Bills running back Fred Jackson. “He stones people. And he can go out and play wideout. He looks like a wideout. He can run routes, good catching the ball.”

Jackson, who is averaging 100.2 yards a carry, has made 24 receptions for 279 yards. His impact in the passing game has also helped keep quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s jersey clean, as he’s been solid in picking up blocks on passing plays that require Fitzpatrick a little more time in addition to being one of the better checkdown outlets in the league.

The Redskins have given up 117.5 yards a game on the ground this season.

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