Saturday, October 15, 2011

Patriots' "weakness" not slowing them down

Ask any regular NFL fan why the New England Patriots won’t win the Super Bowl this year and you’ll get the same, one-word answer nearly every time: “Defense.”

But it’s so much more than that.

Or so much less, I should say. It’s not so much the defense as a whole, but mostly the secondary. And it’s not that it’s really bad; it’s just not nearly as good as Tom Brady’s offense.

I know, look at the numbers. Most yards given up this season, averaging 433 a game. Most passing yards against per game, averaging 327. The team has only accumulated eight sacks so far throughout the young season, which isn’t last, but it’s far from the New York Giants’ league-leading 18. There are plenty of stats that allow one to make the assumption that the Patriot D stinks.

But what’s New England’s record so far? 5-1. No problems there, right?

That’s because the team is still getting it done. From the defensive stands on their goal line in back-to-back weeks (Weeks 1 and 2) — that changed both games — all the way to the Jets game, where one of the league’s best defenses took on one of the league’s worst — and the underdog D prevailed — the Pats have proved to every doubter out there that it still is their AFC East. Except for Bills fans.

The Bills remain in first place with their Week 3 win over New England, but there’s still a game between the two teams to take place ... in Foxborough. The last time Tom Brady lost a regular-season game at home, he was single, had a perfectly healthy ACL and had no idea what an Ugg even was.

My, how times have changed.

The Pats just get it done. And they always have. There is certainly evidence to back up the statement that the defense is porous. But, for me, the wins speak for themselves.

And as long as they keep winning, the Patriots’ faithful won’t care about much else.

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