Saturday, October 15, 2011

Osi: Fitzpatrick gets rid of ball Peyton-like

Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has only been sacked three times in five games, and the New York Giants are well aware of it.

New York leads the league with 18 sacks on defense, but Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora knows it will be a chore to even get pressure on Fitzpatrick because of Buffalo's quick-strike offense.

“He throws the ball very, very fast. 1.5 seconds or whatever, but as long as we can get some pressure, get our hands up, try to deflect the ball,” Umenyiora told reporters Friday. “It’s not going to be a big sack game, I don’t think. I think we should be able to get some sort of pressure on him.”

Umenyiora said the way Fitzpatrick gets rid of the ball quickly reminds him of Peyton Manning, and that while the offensive line is playing well, the lack of pressure has more to do with the Bills’ offensive system being based on timing and beating the rush.

When asked how defenses did get to Fitzpatrick the few times, Umenyiora said Fitzpatrick “held the ball,” explaining that he’s only been taken down on broken plays.

“He tried to run around and make something happen in the backfield and then somebody got to him, but on set plays nobody is getting to him,” Umenyiora said.

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