Friday, November 18, 2011

Sparano assesses Bills' Fitzpatrick, Jackson

Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has struggled lately, but his entire body of work over the season has been pretty good.

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, whose team will host the Bills Sunday, was asked Thursday what Fitzpatrick’s strengths are. And, well, Sparano didn’t use the word “smart” once.

“(Ryan) Fitzpatrick, really good player can throw it well, throws in a lot of tight spots and is pretty fearless that way,” Sparano said during his press conference. “Completed 66 percent of his passes so far gets it down the field. Gets it out quick, really quick release doesn’t take a lot of sacks can run makes yards that way that can hurt you. So I think he’s a pretty good player and does a really nice job for them.”

Sparano also talked about running back Fred Jackson’s impact on Buffalo’s offense, which has been battling the injury bug all season.

“The guy will block you. He does all the jobs,” Sparano said of Jackson. “Everything you want a running back to do, this guy can do. He can finish runs, finish long runs. He runs with power. He can get the ball on the perimeter. He can block you. I think he’s a really good player ... He’s a guy that you always have to pay great attention too.”

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