Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wake's drop in sacks a result of drawing attention

Posted by Nick St. Denis

Cameron Wake exploded on to the pass-rushing scene last season with 14 sacks.

Through 11 games this year, Wake is at 6.5 quarterback takedowns. And while the season isn't over yet, the 29-year-old third-year NFL player isn't likely to match his 2010 total.

But it's not for a lack of trying. Wake has just drawn more attention now that offenses know who he is.

“He’s getting protection slid to him. He’s getting two people on him. He’s getting all those things that come with the territory of being a good pass rusher in our league," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano told the media Monday. "I think if you went in there and put a microphone in J.T.’s (Jason Taylor) face, he would tell you the same thing. In other words, it comes with the turf. If you want to wear the belt, you have to deal with the responsibility.

"I think Cameron has done a good job. Bryan Cox, Bill Sheridan those guys have done a good job with Cameron of understanding some of the things. The challenges that come with of being a good pass rusher. Not different from DeMarcus (Ware). I mean, we had to know where he is at all times and they put him in a bunch of spots. I think that he’s getting to that point."

Wake has 26 tackles this season, and Sparano say he's most impressed with Wake's improvement against the run. Wake made a pair of tackles for losses last Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys. He also had his first individual sack since Week 7.

"Setting the edge of the defense, getting off blocks and running to the ball and creating havoc that way and it was good to see him show up in those situations the other night," Sparano said. "He’s getting better and better at it. I think it’s making him a more well-rounded player at that position than just the pass rusher.”

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