Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phins coach Philbin in no hurry to name starting QB


Joe Philbin, unlike his owner, isn't giving any clues as to who the Dolphins will choose as the team's starting quarterback. But he is hinting when they'll make the decision.

“You’d love to have (the decision) done by after the second preseason game," the first-year head coach said in an interview on ESPN's NFL32. "Your third preseason game is when your first unit is going to get the vast majority of the snaps in terms of their preseason allocation. If it’s clear earlier we’ll make a decision at that point in time, but I’d say by the third preseason game we’d like to have a unit established.”

He seems pretty happy about the guys he has to choose from, too.

“David Garrard is a proven player," Philbin said. "Matt Moore did an exceptional job last year in Miami. We think Ryan Tannehill has a lot of promise for the future. And we’ve got a young man named Pat Devlin who’s worked extremely hard as well.”

Garrard didn't mind sharing his opinion on the matter. He was able to simultaneously praise his rookie counterpart's understanding of the playbook and tell everyone exactly why he might have an edge in the

“A lot of times, he is giving us tips on things,” Garrard said regarding Tannehill, according to a report by “But the quarterback position is more than learning your own plays. You have to know what the defense is out there doing each week and there’s 16 weeks and you are going to get 16 looks at defenses with variations and some [that are] just completely different.

"That’s a lot to put on a rookie quarterback. Some guys can do it and some guys have a tough time with it. Like I said, it is a lot more than knowing your own plays.”

His skill-set also fits very well in the west coast offense that Miami will be running. He makes quick decisions, is very accurate and makes few mistakes.

Garrard, 34, missed all of last season after being cut by the Jaguars. He actually turned down an opportunity to join the Dolphins mid-season after Chad Henne had a season ending shoulder injury.

The starting job was given to Moore, who turned in a surprisingly great performance down the stretch.

Moore's work may have made him the favorite in the owner's eyes, but truth is he will have to impress this new coaching staff in camp to secure the Week 1 starting duties. He will have to fight off the talented and experienced Garrard and a first round draft pick in Tannehill who knows the playbook better than the veterans.

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