Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick take on Jets' cut-day activity, look ahead


The New York Jets just concluded a preseason that saw their offense score just one touchdown in four games, a small thanks to the Jets' backups and third-stringers. With that, many are wondering if the Jets are going to do anything about their thin skill-position personnel. Friday, they cut all the fat they could and are ready to scour the waiver wire and maybe pick up others' scraps.

RB Terrance Ganaway, WR Royce Pollard, WR Jordan White, TE Hayden Smith, OL Paul Cornick, LB Ricky Sapp, DB Donnie Fletcher, QB Matt Simms, WR Joseph Collins, WR Eron Riley, OL Robert Griffin, OL Fred Koloto, OL Matt Kroul, TE Tarren Lloyd, DL Jay Richardson, DL Martin Tevaseu, LB Marcus Dowtin, LB Brett Roy, DB LeQuan Lewis, DB D’Anton Lynn, DB Julian Posey, P Spencer Lanning.

There weren't many big surprises here. The Jets parted ways with 2012 draft picks Ganaway, White and Griffin, with the first two candidates for the team's practice squad. Other than that, the rest of the cuts were undrafted free agents and veteran practice-squaders.

Oh, and a meaningless note: Ganaway was the team's lone endzone-finder this preseason, catching a scoring strike from Greg McElroy.

The Jets likely have more cuts ahead, as they need to increase their depth and talent at receiver. The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots parted ways with some potential candidates.

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