Thursday, October 11, 2012

Patriots look to use Seattle CBs' size to advantage


The Seattle Seahawks' cornerbacks are tall. Two of the New England Patriots' top receivers aren't.

Brandon Browner stands at 6-foot-4, 221 pounds, and Richard Sherman is a slimmer 6-foot-3 at 195 pounds. Receiver Wes Welker, whose team will be up against the duo Sunday, is 5-foot-9, 185 pounds. Fellow Patriots receiver Deion Branch is also 5-9, and Brandon Lloyd is 6-0.

"Obviously, they're bigger guys, taller guys with longer arms," Welker told reporters Thursday. "They do a good job of being patient and staying square to the line. But you've got to get them moving, you've got to do some different things to them and try to get their body weight going and try to work them in different ways like that." 

The Seahawks' defense is extremely aggressive, and their cornerbacks are no exception. Both Browner and Sherman are in the top six on the team in tackles and combine for three forced fumbles and three interceptions.

"You know, [Antonio] Cromartie is the same type of body-type," Welker said. "Sean Smith is a bigger guy, down there in Miami. Different guys like that. But these guys have their own unique style and are very aggressive and pretty physical and things like that so I think they're a lot different than a lot of the guys we face."

This could be a pretty good matchup for the Patriots, as their hurry-up offense and Welker's ability to quickly get into space, coupled with the role New England's tight ends play, will help neutralize what Seattle does.

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