Sunday, December 16, 2012

Toront-no: Bills finish above-the-border series 1-4


Maybe the numbers next to the dollar sign say the Buffalo Bills' five-year, five-game Toronto Series was a success.

The numbers in the win-loss column don't.

The Bills were blown out 50-17 by the Seattle Seahawks Sunday in the final installment of their current contract to play a regular season game a year at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, dropping their record playing up north to 1-4.

Buffalo's only win during the series came last year against the Washington Redskins. (photo: Giovanni Variottinelli, Flickr)

Bills players haven't reserved their feelings on losing one true home game a year, and with good reason. The crowd atmosphere is light years from that of Ralph Wilson Stadium, and the fans who do in fact care have gotten used to losing pretty quickly.

We follow a lot of Bills fans on Twitter, and it's pretty clear that an incredibly large portion of #billsmafia would prefer the Bills put the Toronto Series to bed.

Buffalo, however, has already been approved by the league of another five-year extension. We'll see if that sticks. At this point, you have to wonder if Toronto even wants the Bills back after that kind of performance.

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