Thursday, January 3, 2013

Belichick talks approach to playoff version of a bye


The New England Patriots aren't exactly sure who they'll be playing in a week and a half, but they have an idea.

If the Houston Texans beat the Cincinnati Bengals Saturday, the Patriots will get what essentially amounts to an extra day of opponent preparation, as that would mean they'd be slated to face the Texans in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

However, if the Bengals win, they'll have to wait until Sunday's AFC bout between the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens is decided. New England would play the winner of that game with a Houston loss. (photo: Steve Glass, Flickr)

"After the Houston game, we’ll either be full speed ahead on Houston or we’ll put that in the drawer and wait and see what happens in the next game," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Wednesday, via "We have to be prepared for all three of them so that’s what we’ll do."

The weekend will be designated for coaching preparation, as the players will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With that, the players themselves will know exactly who they're getting ready for when they return for organized work.

Belichick, however, expects players to continue to work through their pseudo days off.

"... even those days, there are things that, they’re not team things we can work on but there are things individually that we can work on," Belichick said. "We’ll certainly talk to the players about those too."

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