Friday, January 4, 2013

Tom Brady: It's a privilege to play against Ray Lewis


A victory for the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens on Sunday would set up the fourth and would-be final playoff matchup between Ray Lewis and Tom Brady.

For Brady, that last game could be bittersweet.

“I always enjoy beating the Ravens so, yeah, anytime I can beat those guys,” the New England Patriots quarterback joked to reporters Thursday while speaking about his first head-to-head matchup with Lewis. "They got us once this year. There’s nobody that’s played that position any better than [Lewis]." (photo: Fido, Flickr)

New England’s success against the Ravens in the past decade hasn't necessarily dictated Brady’s individual success against the Lewis-lead defense. September’s loss to Baltimore was only the second time Brady has been bested by the squad in his career, though his stats aren’t nearly as convincing as the wins.

In seven career games, Brady has thrown seven touchdowns and eight interceptions against Baltimore, averaging less than 245 yards in the process.

Lewis on the other hand has averaged nearly 10 tackles per game against New England, and though he’s been out with a triceps injury of late, he’s made it pretty clear he will start in the postseason as long as his team is still alive.

The Ravens’ defense could certainly use the help, as it is currently allowing more than 20 points a game on average for the first time in years and has given up 30 or more points four times already this season.

“He is still an incredible player and a competitor," Brady said. "I know so many people have said so many things about him and certainly the guys that have played with him can probably speak to him the best. But it was a privilege to play against him."

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