Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cosell puts Bowe atop Fins' recommended wish list


The Miami Dolphins are intent on exploring every avenue to bring in new playmakers on offense this offseason.

That likely means they'll pursue any number of big-name free agents, a group that includes veteran recievers Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe.

Wednesday, NFL Films' legendary analyst Greg Cosell offered his thoughts on the available wideouts when speaking with the Finsiders.  (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

"Dwayne Bowe, of the three, he may be the most complete," Cosell said. "He's a big kid, he's really a good intermediate route runner, he has a physical element to his game."

Bowe, who was once one of the league's rising young players and is a Miami native, has seen his star fade a bit after recording just 801 yards receiving and three touchdowns this past season. But Cosell still sees him as a better option for Miami than Wallace, who would make the splashier signing but wouldn't offer quite as much to a developing Dolphins' offense.

"I still believe, after watching him on film for years, that Mike Wallace is a mostly vertical guy," Cosell said. ""He's not necessarily going to run those intermediate digs or short crossing routes with consistency."

Wallace has established himself as one of the most dangerous deep threats in the NFL, but Cosell feels that that is the extent of his skill set. And at this point, Wallace would be more of a 'luxury' to the Miami offense than a guy who would help take the Dolphins' offense to the next level.

Instead, Bowe would provide the solid route-running as well an ability to stretch the field, at least more than the wideouts that the Dolphins worked with last year.

Cosell also thinks that Jennings, who may already be considering South Florida as a destination, would be a strong option for the Dolphins.

"I really like Jennings a lot, he's not far to me from Dwayne Bowe," Cosell added. "Either Bowe or Jennings gives them completeness as a receiver."

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