Sunday, February 10, 2013

McGinest: Time for Brady to have talk with Gronk


A year after catching flak for being filmed dancing on a badly sprained ankle following the New England Patriots' Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants, Rob Gronkowski TMZed it up again.

This time around, the tight end was filmed performing wrestling moves at a Vegas nightclub while sporting a cast on his twice-surgically repaired forearm, which was broken in two different places during the 2012 season and required surgery. It also ended his season. (photo: WBUR, Flickr)

With that, former Patriots star defender Willie McGinest thinks it's time one of the team's on-field leaders had a serious chat with Gronk.

“The only guy on that offense that could probably say anything is Tom (Brady),” McGinest told the Boston Herald Friday. “He has the years in. Or maybe Wes (Welker). ... Gronk’s young. It would have to be an elder statesman like Vince (Wilfork) or Tom (to speak up). Someone who’s been there for a while. But Tom might be the one. I’m sure someone will have a word with him.”

McGinest said that while "certain people handle things differently," there's no excuse for unnecessarily putting his already injured body part in harms way.

“I don’t think he should be out doing wrestling moves," McGinest said. "It doesn’t make sense especially if you’re in a cast still healing. He’s a vital part of that offense; they need him.

"They’re paying him a lot of money. He can’t put himself in certain situations where he can possibly hurt himself. He has to be careful. He has to be smarter than that.”

About 99 percent of what Gronkowski does is awesome. But one percent of the time, he pushes it a tad too far. And that one percent sticks out like a sore forearm.

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