Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tebow unsought via inability; not 'tarnished' by Jets


Last offseason, the New York Jets handled their quarterback situation in historically poor fashion in trading for Tim Tebow after giving Mark Sanchez a contract extension.

A year later, Sanchez is still in the driver's seat to prove his worth one last time, while Tebow is on standby as the Jets prepare to let him go following an inevitable failure to generate a trade.

It appears no one wants Tebow. And that's not the Jets' fault. (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York wrote a piece on Tebow Monday night. The following nugget stuck out:
Obviously, his shortcomings as a passer are a big reason, but the entire New York debacle has tarnished his reputation. It's like he's radioactive and no one wants to get near him, which is what happens when you put a limited, over-hyped quarterback in the biggest media market.
The thing is, his shortcomings as a passer aren't a "big" reason. They're "the" reason. The Denver Broncos were eager to unload Tebow the second their magical 2011-12 playoff run ended because of his limitations as a quarterback(?) and the fact that he went as far as he'll ever go as a signal-caller in the pros.

No one but the fan-desperate Jacksonville Jaguars and the attention-happy Jets were after his services.

The only way the Jets could've been perceived to have "tarnished" his reputation is because they didn't give him a real shot to start. But that's because, despite how awful the quarterback play surrounding him was, he was even worse. But that's not a tarnish job. That's the team recognizing just how bad he really is.

By all accounts, Tebow is a good human being. But he's not an NFL quarterback.

And that's not the Jets' fault.

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