Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Offseason changes for Bills evident beyond roster


Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone was hired to give the team a much-needed facelift. Some of his more noticeable projects, however, haven't been with the roster.

The team’s training facility donned a new look with the start of offseason workouts Tuesday, as the team’s website posted some shots of the new d├ęcor via Twitter(photo: Buffalo Bills' Twitter)

The wall behind one of the field goal posts sports the banners representing the team’s four consecutive Super Bowl appearances (1990-93).

In the center of that wall, a sign that reads “Don’t confuse effort with results” hangs below a large poster of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The picture also shows the team’s two AFL championship banners from 1964-65.

“When you talk about being a champion and wanting to be a champion, first it always starts in the mind,” running back C.J. Spiller told reporters. “It’s gotta be something that starts inside. You can talk about it all you want, but the more you say it and the more you see it, the more of a reality it can become.

“That was the most exciting thing I had all day, seeing that stuff up.”

Another interesting alteration for the upcoming season will be the team’s conversion from traditional playbooks to digital ones.

Defensive end Mario Williams spoke briefly in his press conference about the team’s decision to switch to iPads for its playbooks.

“Well you don’t have to carry that big book around,” he said. “With the way technology has went, it’s just going to make it a lot easier to get information ASAP. As long as you’ve got WiFi to download it to your iPad, we have it there.

“Whether it’s us passing notes along to each other and putting it out there to the players for tips and things like that and what we saw, it’s almost like giving us real-time information, like we’re on a battlefield.”

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