Tuesday, May 14, 2013

E.J. Manuel's presence 'doesn't scare' Kevin Kolb


Before joining the Buffalo Bills, Kevin Kolb was well-aware the team wanted to take a quarterback early in the 2013 NFL Draft.

"I knew it was in the plans," Kolb said Tuesday. Obviously, he signed regardless.

So as the veteran signal-caller took the field alongside first-rounder E.J. Manuel for the first time this week, Kolb put any worry that he isn't the eventual starter aside. (photo: AZKodiak, Flickr)

"It doesn’t scare me or concern me. It’s just part of the job and you move on," Kolb said. "Like I told you before, it’s all about competition and competing against everybody. But he seems like a great kid and I’m happy to work with him."

Kolb is in a battle with Manuel and fellow veteran Tarvaris Jackson for the starting gig. With Kolb's experience, Manuel's rawness and Jackson's mediocrity, easy money would be on Kolb suiting up as No. 1 on the Week 1 depth chart.

However, Kolb knows the competitive environment the Bills' new brass has instilled will bring out the best in everyone, and Doug Marrone & Co. certainly aren't opposed to giving the keys to a rookie if he prove worthy.

"Everybody’s hungry," Kolb said. "And everybody’s ready to prove something, including the older guys that are here because some of us are new and there’s a new coaching staff.

"They’re new eyes and the coaching staff is trying to prove stuff to us as well: prove their systems work, prove their methods work, so that makes for a competitive camp and competitive OTAs. And that’s good for everybody."

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