Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tannehill: Mike Wallace is as fast as advertised


The Miami Dolphins signed wide receiver Mike Wallace this offseason to infuse some speed into their offense, which ranked 26th in passing a year ago. (photo: Doug Butchy, Flickr)

After working out with Wallace recently, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has already seen how dangerous his new wideout can be.

“Everything I heard about him coming in has proved to be true – he’s as advertised,” Tannehill said, according to The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson. “He’s the fastest guy I’ve ever thrown to. It’s exciting.”

Speed is the biggest reason that the Dolphins gave Wallace a five-year, $60 million contract on the first day of free agency. Miami attempted just 51 passes that traveled 20 yards or further through the air last season, fewer than 22 other teams, per Pro Football Focus.

Wallace's addition should give the Dolphins' offense that deep passing element, while opening up the intermediate throws while he's on the field.

Tannehill also had kind words for another free agent addition to his receiving corps, former St. Louis Rams wideout Brandon Gibson.

“I really like Brandon,” Tannehill said. “He moves well. He’s a really natural pass catcher, catches with his hands. Smooth in and out of routes. I’m excited we got him. And he really understands, so that you’re able to make a correction the first time and not worry about it again.”

The receiver upgrades were considered necessary going into this offseason, after having little stability and limited talent at the position in 2012. But the second-year quarterback understands that the primary way that the Dolphins' offense will improve is if he himself improves.

And he's been focusing on reflecting on his rookie mistakes, and addressing them.

“There were a lot of throws where my feet were not set, fundamentally not sound, and the ball isn’t as accurate as you want it to be,” Tannehill said. “You look at the reasons for that and I hope to correct it, so it’s not an issue going forward.”

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