Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stevie: Chemistry with Kolb good, can be better


Stevie Johnson and Kevin Kolb left Thursday's practice looking like a pretty stout match.

The two reportedly connected on a pair of touchdowns toward the end of the Buffalo Bills' second-to-last OTA workout, by far the best showing to date for either player this offseason. (photo: AZKodiak, Flickr)

But while Johnson agreed after practice that the two are starting to build rapport, he emphasized that it's still early, and that one day's worth of work isn't going to cut it the long run.

"I think we need to push the issue a little bit," Johnson told Chris Brown of "We’re not coming off a playoff berth. We’re not coming off a Super Bowl. I think we need to push the issue like we’re hungry. We’re out here fighting. Don’t get me wrong, we’re out here fighting, but we’ve got to step it up a little bit more."

Johnson pointed to the mental aspect of the game as the focal point for the offensive's faults thus far, counting off a few mistakes of his own from the workout that he deemed unacceptable. 

As for Kolb, he has been splitting first-team reps with Tavaris Jackson throughout the week as the coaching staff continues to experiment with its schematics. On Wednesday, coach Doug Marrone seemed pleased with Kolb's play thus far, though he made sure he included Jackson and rookie E.J. Manuel into his praise, as well. 

When asked whether he thought whether Kolb and Jackson had an advantage at this point given their experience in the league, Marrone said that while that sounds good on paper, he's just looking for results out of the three new signal-callers.

"I think at the end of the day, honestly as a coach, you sit here and you have guys with experience that gives you the ability to maybe sleep better at night," Marrone said. "At the end of the day you are still talking about results on the field. That is what you are looking for."

Buffalo will hold its final OTA workout on Friday and will not return to organized team activity until mandatory minicamp on June 11. 

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