Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brady: Every play someone sucks, gets yelled at


Practicing under New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is a win-lose situation. If you win, it's at your teammates' expense. If your teammate wins, then, well, be prepared to hear about it. (photo: Steve Glass, Flickr)

"It's really never ending, especially when you play for Coach Belichick," Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told reporters Wednesday. "Especially in practices when the offense goes against the defense, because if the offense makes a play then the defense sucked and if the defense makes a play then the offense sucked so someone is really going to get yelled at on every play.

"There's always lowlights when we come in on the next day. Even if it was a great offensive play, he's going to yell at someone on the defense."

Belichick will go down as one of the greatest coaches of all time, and like many of the other legendary leaders in the sport, tough love has played a big role in him getting there. Brady has been with Belichick long enough -- nearly a decade and a half -- to understand it.

"We've become a bit used to that now and that's part of the learning process and also learning how to play for the Patriots and understand the criticism that you're getting," Brady said, "and hopefully use it constructively so you can improve as a player."

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