Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jackson exits battle he was never in to begin with


The Buffalo Bills announced the release of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson Monday; our apologies if we don't seem more surprised.

The eight-year veteran failed to turn any heads this offseason while splitting snaps with fellow signal-caller Kevin Kolb, which seemed like the only way he would have a chance at making the Bills' squad. (photo: Ronald Woan, Flickr)

Buffalo re-signed Jackson to a $2.25 million deal back in February, though the team ultimately lost only $500K from the deal, which was guaranteed money.

Buffalo's signing of Kolb in April was a clear move by coach Doug Marrone and the front office to bring in some experienced talent in case their eventual drafted quarterback, who turned out to be E.J. Manuel, needed some time to assimilate; it was an even clearer statement that Jackson was not the one who would do the leading.

Since late April, and probably before that, Jackson seemed to once again be the middle child in a three-way QB competition that he couldn't win. The former Seahawk suffered the same fate last year before joining the Bills, the odd man out after a shootout with rookie Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn.

With Jackson gone, Manuel will now get more exposure to the first-team offense this week, as the Bills begin their mandatory mini camp. The three-day workout will be the first hard look the coaching staff gets at Manuel's abilities against defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's schematic, and it may pave the way for who has the upper hand come training camp.

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