Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spiller, Brady early favorites for 2013 fantasy


It's never too early to start talking fantasy football.

Though NFL rosters aren't even close to becoming final yet, there are a number of no-brainer names every fantasy owner is looking out for in the first and second rounds. At least couple of those names will be from the AFC East. (photo: Jose Luis Garza, Flickr)

NFL.com released a photo spread of its Top 25 Fantasy Players of 2013, and two divisional players made the cut: Buffalo's C.J. Spiller and New England's Tom Brady.

At No. 9 overall, Spiller made a big splash for fantasy owners last year (including this guy). The second-year back put up more than 210 points, or 13 per game on average, while amassing more than 1,700 yards and eight touchdowns.

Expect coach Doug Marrone to incorporate the playmaker much more into the offense this year, which will likely be a mix of screen and wheel routes on top of his running responsibilities to give the elusive back space to make things happen.

At No. 23, Brady's appearance on the list is no surprise. The vet put up nearly 5,000 yards in 2012 (fourth most) and had a 34-8 touchdown-to-interception ratio, which added up to 340 points. The story lines here will be whether Brady can make it work with a young, revamped wide receiver corps, and the amount of games the big-time tight-end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez actually play.

Brady has proven he can make it work with injuries in the past, however, putting up at least 28 touchdowns each of the last four seasons.

Here's some other interesting notes regarding the top 25:

- The top nine on the list are all running backs, with Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson going 1 and 2, respectively
- Only one tight end, Jimmy Graham, made the cut (No. 22)
- Despite having a slightly off year in '12, LeSean McCoy still managed to crack the top 10 (No. 8)
- Big expectations with Percy Harvin heading to Seattle. The wideout had the least amount of points last year of any of the players mentioned (99.3) and was 17th overall.
- Despite amassing 317 points last season, RGIII was snubbed from this year's list, along with Matt Ryan (304).

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