Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bills' skill position players battling as a group


The Buffalo Bills have a stable of young and hungry wideouts, some potential at tight end, a pretty certain offensive backfield and a vet-vs.-rook deal at quarterback.

A mix like that leaves the door open for a variety of possibilities to come out of training camp, and new offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett isn't about to rule anything out.

While we're keeping a keen eye on who emerges from the wide receiver group, Hackett doesn't have a specific number in mind for how many wideouts the Bills will keep on the final roster. In fact, what players do at other positions could have an impact on the receivers' fates regardless of how they stack up in their respective positional battles.

“. . . I think it comes down to who excels in training camp," Hackett recently told Chris Brown of "So it could be a lot of wideouts (on the final roster). It could be more tight ends, more fullbacks, more halfbacks. We just want the best players out there so I think that will always kind of fluctuate.

". . . If there’s a bunch of other guys that are better than the wideouts we’re going to be a lot different looking team than a lot of people thought. It all comes down to who are the best five."

The versatility tailback C.J. Spiller has shown in occasionally lining up outside and Dorin Dickerson's dance between tight end and receiver are just two examples of the variety of skillsets that could impact the final look of the Bills' offense.

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