Monday, July 22, 2013

Laurent Robinson to visit Patriots after Jets


There's apparently a demand for wide receivers named Laurent Robinson in the AFC East.

Robinson, who signed a lucrative contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars last year after a 54-reception campaign with the Dallas Cowboys in 2011, missed most of last season due to multiple concussions.

The 28-year-old is now a free agent and just trying to find a team that will give him the time of day. The New York Jets gave him a tryout Monday, and the New England Patriots will reportedly host the veteran wideout Tuesday.

"I feel like I can still play, of course," Robinson told USA TODAY Sports last Tuesday. "There's going to be doubts about me with the concussions. But the only thing I can do is tell teams to bring me in, work me out and go from there.

"I've been putting in the work all offseason, trying to get better, trying to get right. I know myself that I can still play. It's just if a team wants to take a chance on me."

The Jets also hosted former Indianapolis Colts receiver Austin Collie, who also has a history with concussions, Monday, along with kicker Billy Cundiff.

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