Sunday, August 25, 2013

Becht offers unique assessment of Geno


Geno Smith made his first professional start Saturday in the New York Jets' exhibition contest with the cross-town New York Giants.

At the end of the night, Smith's stat line looked as follows: 16-of-30 for 199 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions over three quarters of action. Those sub-par numbers coupled with Mark Sanchez's injury had fans, bloggers and the media up in arms about the state of the Jets' quarterback corps.

Sunday, former Jets tight end and NBC Sports football analyst Anthony Becht took to his Twitter account to sing an original tune regarding Smith's performance.

Here's Becht's analysis (converted from a sequence of tweets and cleaned up a little for blog purposes):
"After watching last nights game, Geno Smith's performance was one of most accurate I've seen a QB in NY since Chad Pennington. Stop reading the papers, reading terrible tweets and looking at stat lines. 
Lets start with the INTs: 
(1) Spadola catches the ball then the DB takes it from him... not Geno's fault. (2) Throws ball across middle with pressure in face. Geno must stand in and deliver that ball... play he can learn from. Confidence to do that will come. (3) Tuck makes a great play and surprises him... it happens. Geno's eyes never saw him, D makes good play. 
So in my eyes, 1 bad INT. Outside of that folks, wake up. Geno was dropping perfect passes across the board for 3 quarters. Add on 5 DROPS -- 3 by Kerley and 1 each by a RB and FB. For the game, I only saw 3 bad balls... one of which was INT over throw to Winslow. 
Jets fans, if you don't get excited about the QB, you're seriously lacking in your ability to judge good football play. Off [his] performance, there's no question Geno Smith is the game 1 starter vs the Bucs. Folks, I'm not SHOWING ANY FAVORITISM towards Geno because he went to West Virginia. 
THE TAPE DOESN'T LIE! And neither does my assessment."
Becht has been conversing with fans and other members of the media on his timeline since. Some good discussion. Check it out.

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