Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jets' QB situation somehow gets even worse


The New York Jets entered the third week of the NFL preseason with an undecided positional competition between a rookie quarterback who probably isn't ready and a veteran quarterback who is clinging to the starting job only by default.

They finished the third week of the preseason with an undecided competition between a rookie quarterback who definitely isn't ready and a veteran who is awaiting an MRI on an injured shoulder.

Not the best situation to be in during the last week of August.

First-year signal-caller Geno Smith didn't impress in his first-ever professional start, tossing three interceptions and taking a safety while tallying just one touchdown against the New York Giants.

Meanwhile, the Jets opted to throw the incumbent Mark Sanchez in the fourth quarter with the backup backups, as if that would've helped shift his stock either way.

Well, in fact, it did, as Sanchez ended up getting clobbered by defensive tackle Marvin Austin and was unable to return thanks to a shoulder injury. X-Ray results of Sanchez's shoulder have yet to be disclosed.

Hey, at least Matt Simms completed a 70-yard pass to set up the game-winning/meaningless overtime field goal.

So here are your scenarios:

- Sanchez turns out to be OK and is the starter since Smith isn't ready.

- Sanchez isn't OK, and Smith is thrust into the starting job by necessity.

- Sanchez is OK, but the Jets just say "screw it" and let Smith take his lumps.

- The Jets decide neither quarterback is healthy nor capable and instead start Matt Simms or Greg McElroy.

... Yep.

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