Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Belichick expects Revis to line up everywhere


Bill Belichick has seen a lot of Darrelle Revis the last half dozen years. He's going to see some more.

The former New York Jets star cornerback was traded to the cross-conference Tampa Bay Buccaneers this summer, but Belichick's New England Patriots still have Revis on their schedule.

With Gang Green, Revis played on the left sideline, on the right sideline and in the slot. Revis's responsibilities are a bit more strict, however, in the Bucs' zone-leaning defense. Still Belichick expects the All-World corner to line up all over the field when he the Patriots host the Bucs Sunday.

"He didn't play all the plays against the Jets (Week 1). It looked like they had a little bit of a rotation going there, maybe trying to not overdo him in the first game," Belichick told reporters Monday. "But then yesterday (Week 2 vs. New Orleans Saints), it seemed like he was out there all the time.

"He's played on both sides. It looks like, I'm sure they can do all of what you said: put him on one side, flip him – which they have done – or match up him, which sometimes when they flip him, I'm not sure if they're matching up or whether they're just flipping. We'll have to take a little closer look at that. He's, I'm sure, capable of all three and has played on both sides."

Revis, who, according to a Fox Sports report, is already unhappy with Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano's strict ways and lack of man coverage, has tallied five tackles and three passes defensed through two games.

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