Monday, September 23, 2013

Rex credits players for yards, himself for flags


Rex Ryan watched his New York Jets offense accumulate the most yards it has since Ryan took over as head coach -- 513, to be exact. He also saw his team take a franchise-record 20 penalties.

Ryan put the positive on his players and the negative on himself.

"Well, don’t give me credit," Ryan said of his offense after the game. ". . . That’s clearly our offensive staff and just when we protect, we can make some plays. . . . Twenty penalties? That’s on my shoulders, no question about it, but I know we can get better.

". . . And it’s on coaching and I know we’ll coach and we’ll get it corrected, there’s no doubt, so I’m going to be the first one to step up."

The Jets are typically one of the more disciplined teams in the league in terms of flags but have let that get away from them the past couple weeks.

In a seven-penalty span from the end of the third quarter into the fourth quarter, Jets cornerback Kyle Wilson was flagged five times. Ryan pulled him from the game after the last one.

Regardless, the Jets were able to overcome it all with stellar defense, a relentless performance from running back Bilal Powell and a few big-time throws from Geno Smith.

"I love the fact that our team found a way to win," Ryan said. "Take away all the other stuff, we found a way, we persevered and we won. That is really encouraging to me. That tells you about the fight and the spirit of this football team and that’s what I’m most proud of."

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