Thursday, October 31, 2013

AFC East power rankings roundup: Week 9


A comeback win over the rival Miami Dolphins wasn't enough to move the division-leading New England Patriots up among the NFL's other top teams. New England stayed still or fell a spot in the eyes of six out of seven outlets while the team they beat, Miami, continued its descent into the bottom-half of the league.

The Patriots' scrappy brand of winning doesn't seem to help their stock, while the standing of the division's other two teams, the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, took a hit after blowout losses to non-division competition.

Here's where the four AFC East teams stand in the major media outlets' NFL power rankings entering Week 9:

      NE    MIA     BUF     NYJ
ESPN 9(8)  19(16)  20(21)  16(15)
NFL  8(8)  19(16)  22(21)  18(15)
CBS  9(10) 23(21)  21(23)  17(14)
Fox  9(9)  21(18)  18(16)  16(14)
NBC  9(9)  16(16)  23(20)  18(13)
SI   9(9)  20(17)  22(21)  14(12)
PFF  9(9)  16(14)  24(23)  18(19)
AVG: 9(9)  19(17)  21(21)  17(15)
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