Monday, October 21, 2013

Bruschi says pushing rule for field goals is 'smart'


Tedy Bruschi is a supporter of the rule that hurt his old team's chances in overtime against the New York Jets Sunday.

Bruschi, a former standout linebacker for New England Patriots, defended the implementation of a penalty for players pushing teammates into blockers on field goals. That penalty, which was called for the first time Sunday, gave the Jets a second and closer shot a game-winning field goal, which Nick Folk booted through the uprights.

“Eliminating the pushing on the FG block is smart," Bruschi said Monday, via ESPN Boston.

"When I got behind Richard Seymour and put both of my hands on him and pushed at the snap, we would absolutely obliterate offensive linemen. . . . Nine times out of 10, there was a mass of humanity on the ground."

Check the link (in italics) for the full quote. It's an interesting take from an interesting source, given the teams involved.

After the game Sunday, Belichick said it was a bad call. Monday, he admitted that he misinterpreted the rule and that he and his coaching staff, not rookie lineman Chris Jones, deserved the blame.

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