Monday, October 21, 2013

Gilmore: Cast bringing game to another level


Playing one-handed certainly isn't cornerback Stephon Gilmore's preferred method of covering No. 1 receivers. But he thinks the end result will be far more positive than the present struggle.

Gilmore's participation increased in Sunday's win against the Miami Dolphins, as the sophomore corner played 25 percent more snaps than in his first week back from injury.

With that increase came more exposure in the passing game, which Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins did their best to exploit.

Miami receiver Mike Wallace, while kept out of the end zone in the loss, pulled in five catches for 76 yards, which included a 46-yard reception on Gilmore's watch in the second quarter that led to a touchdown. He also pulled in two receptions on the team's third quarter TD drive that gave them the lead.

Gilmore told reporters Monday he thinks playing with a club-wrapped hand will help him improve other aspects of his game, which will in turn help him in the long.

"I think it’s helping me out in a way for when I get it off," he said. "I think it’s helping my game be on another level. I think I’m learning a lot playing with it on.

"I have to use my legs more. I can’t really use my hands like I want to. I’ve got to really win with my feet, so I think it’s helped my game a lot."

Buffalo hopes the hand doesn't have too much further to go in the healing process before the club comes off. On top of a defensive holding call Sunday where his handicap was clearly evident, Gilmore has allowed an 85.7 completion rate in his two games back. That's a far cry from the 56 percent he allowed last season.

"It’s not even really our doctors, it’s the surgeon's call about when that comes off and stuff," Marrone said Monday, via "There’s no doubt he definitely looked much more comfortable. I think he’ll even be more comfortable this upcoming week.

"It’s one of those things, I think like any of us, the more we can wear whatever we have to wear that’s different than how we played before, we just get more comfortable with it."

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