Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bart Scott rips 'loser, fake tough guy' Incognito


Bart Scott isn't about to go incognito when talking about Richie Incognito.

Scott, a former New York Jets linebacker who has faced the soon-to-be former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman on numerous occasions, said Monday that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to kick Incognito out of the league.

Incognito was recently suspended indefinitely by his team after evidence of his over-the-top harassment of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin surfaced, which led to Martin's leaving the team to seek treatment.

Scott told ESPN 98.7 FM that Incognito "needs to be gone" and that "no one would miss him."

"He's a fake tough guy," Scott said, via ESPN New York. ". . . One of the dirtiest players, if not the dirtiest player I've ever played against."

The most damning evidence, so far, in the Martin ordeal was a voicemail Incognito left on Martin's phone earlier this year in which Incognito called Martin a racial slur and said he'd slap Martin's mother before dropping the "I'll kill you" bomb.

Scott, who has been known to run his mouth a bit, himself, wasn't impressed.

". . . You got to be some type of loser in your spare time away from the building you want to call me and leave threatening messages and text messages on my phone," Scott said. "That's taking bullying to a whole other level."

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