Monday, November 4, 2013

Revis says despite losing, '16 million is better'


Cornerback Darrelle Revis went from an overachieving New York Jets team that is 5-4 to an underachieving Tampa Buccaneers team that is 0-8.

The silver lining? The money.

A Jets fan tweeted Revis late Sunday night, asking if "12MM per and Rex as coach has merit vs [Schiano] & 16MM." Revis responded in a way only Revis, or maybe Albert Haynesworth, would: "naw 16 is better."

We knew Revis was a me-first guy, and we knew that despite the Jets giving him the ultimate freedom to be the league's purest and best shutdown corner, Revis preferred to drown in a zone scheme that didn't highlight his attributes so long he were to also drown in dollar bills.

That's why the Jets rightly traded him for something rather than lose him for nothing.

But his latest comment, albeit not even four full words long, confirms everything we learned to know about the player, and perhaps the man, who ditched his highly-regarded island for a sinking ship.

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