Friday, December 13, 2013

AFC East power rankings roundup: Week 15


The New England Patriots' continued need for miracle fourth quarter comebacks hasn't hurt them in the standings, but it has begun to affect them in the eyes of some media outlets. They dropped slightly, as did the Buffalo Bills after a fifth loss in six games, this time to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Miami Dolphins got a bump after their thrilling road win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the week's biggest mover was the New York Jets, who kept their extremely narrow postseason hopes alive with a trouncing of the visiting Oakland Raiders.

Here's where the four AFC East teams stand in the major media outlets' NFL power rankings entering Week 15:

      NE     MIA    BUF     NYJ
ESPN 4(4)  16(17)  26(24)  21(23)
NFL  4(4)  11(14)  28(26)  19(23)
CBS  6(2)  15(17)  29(16)  25(28)
Fox  4(4)  15(15)  27(25)  21(22)
NBC  3(3)  16(19)  26(24)  19(23)
SI   5(3)  10(15)  30(27)  19(30)
PFF  4(3)  15(17)  26(24)  24(23)
AVG: 4(3)  14(16)  27(25)  21(25)
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