Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holmes pulls a Ricky Bobby on Panthers' secondary


Remember how the character "Ricky Bobby" on the movie Talladega Nights felt that as long as he prefaced a given comment with "With all due respect," it was appropriate to say anything he wanted to anyone?

Well, if you've never seen Talladega Nights, you need to. Regardless, New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes pulled a Ricky Bobby Thursday.

"Not to call these guys out, but their secondary is probably their weakest link on their defense," Holmes said of his upcoming opponent, the Carolina Panthers, via the NY Post.

"Their front seven are guys that are really going to get after the ball. They have really great pass rushers. We know how physical these guys are. They hustle on and off the field, sideline to sideline."

Certainly the Panthers' strength is in the front seven, but the secondary has been pretty good, too.

Carolina's defense has snagged 16 interceptions -- fifth most in the NFL -- while giving up the second fewest touchdowns (13) through 13 games. Only four teams are giving up fewer yards through the air per game than the Panthers.

So we're sure Holmes, who has been battling multiple ailments all season to the tune of 16 receptions, meant it with all due respect.

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