Monday, December 2, 2013

Benching has given Geno 'a sense of urgency'


Geno Smith has struggled mightily of late, and his most recent stinker -- a four-completion, one-interception half in a loss to the Miami Dolphins Sunday -- got him benched prior to the third quarter.

Smith, who hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in a month in a half, was replaced by Matt Simms and had been unsure from that point when and if he'd return to the starting lineup.

It didn't take long for him to get an answer, however, as the much-maligned signal-caller was told Monday he'd get the nod this coming weekend against the Oakland Raiders. Smith insists the message in the benching was received.

"If it was a tactic to wake me up or get me going, then it definitely worked," Smith said Monday, via the NY Post. "Right now, I definitely feel a sense of urgency. I’ve got to go out there and play hard and get the job done.

"I’ve been saying that every week. Nothing’s changed."

Something has to change soon.

The rookie got off to a pretty good start early in the season but has been terrible since the Jets beat the New England Patriots in mid-October. Certainly, he doesn't have much to work with, but his repeated turnovers and inability to read defenses has gotten worse over time.

"I’ve got to get my act together pretty fast," Smith said, via the Post. "I think if I do that it can help our offense out a lot."

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