Monday, February 24, 2014

Philbin made sure fired offensive line coach got paid


Keep your friends close and your head coach closer.

Former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner was fired last week in the wake of the Ted Wells report, which outlined a harassment and bullying scandal Turner supposedly had a hand in.

Owner Stephen Ross didn't plan on honoring the two years of paychecks Turner was still under contract for, but coach Joe Philbin changed his mind.

Per multiple media reports, Philbin lobbied for Turner to get his two years pay upon his departure from the team. For that to happen, his firing would have to be considered without cause, and Philbin apparently was able to convince Ross to re-consider.

Turner got his money.

According to Andrew Abramson of The Palm Beach Post, there is a perception within the team and around the league that the Wells report was "one-sided," and therefor people like Turner, who were portrayed in a negative light, aren't being written off in NFL circles.

The highly respected Dolphins trainer Kevin O' Neill was also fired and is being considered a "scapegoat."

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