Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fired Dolphins trainer firing back with lawyer


Kevin O'Neill, the former Miami Dolphins trainer fired last month in the wake of the Ted Wells report, has built a good reputation in the NFL over the past two decades.

Now, the 18-year employee of the team is looking to preserve it. Or in his words, to "restore" it.

O'Neill has hired a law firm to represent him in firing back at the Dolphins for the reason -- or lack therof -- of his termination, citing the Wells report, which outlines the team's well-known harassment and bullying scandal, as the center of it all.

On O'Neill's behalf, the firm released a lengthy rebuttal to multiple media outlets.

"O’Neill’s firing was accompanied by no explanation, but its timing — only 5 days after the release of what has come to be publicly referred to as “The Wells Report” — has left an undeniable impression that Kevin O’Neill was being held responsible for the abusive mistreatment of Jonathan Martin at the hands of his Dolphin teammates," the rebuttal read, in part.

"In fact, The Wells Report comes nowhere near supporting the decision of the Dolphins’ management to sack Mr. O’Neill. Instead it demonstrates that Kevin O’Neill was improperly singled out to placate an understandable public outcry for action in response to what was publicly portrayed as intolerable workplace bullying."

Here's the full account, via The Palm Beach Post.

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