Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Patriots get decent return on rules change proposals


Behind the clout of coach Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots proposed four rules changes at the NFL's annual league meeting this week.

The proposals saw mixed results, as one passed, two were tabled and just one was rejected, as announced Wednesday.

New England's motion to have the goalposts heightened was approved, as the league will add an extra five feet to the top of the uprights to help alleviate the controversy that follows a kick that crosses over the top of the post.

Belichick's push to have the extra point moved back 25 yards was put on ice, though the league will experiment with the PAT distance in the preseason. The Patriots' proposal for fixed cameras on all boundary lines (sideline, end line, end zone) was also tabled.

The team's bid to make every non-scoring play challengeable was, however, rejected.

Here's video of Belichick lobbying for his proposed rule changes: video

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