Friday, April 11, 2014

Bills CEO on big-screen debut: 'I didn't get yelled at'


Can't wait until May 8 for some draft action? The movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, opens Friday, and Buffalo Bills fans may catch a few familiar faces among the Hollywood elite.

CEO Russ Brandon makes a small appearance in the film, starring as himself and acting next to Costner during pre-draft negotiations. Costner's character, Browns general manager Sonny Weaver, is talking on the phone with Max Stone, the movie version of the Bills' own Doug Whaley.

According to Brandon, his debut on the silver screen wasn't a complete disaster.

"I think I did OK. I didn't get yelled at, I was worried about that," he told the Anna Stolzenburg of "I don't think I had too many missteps, but everything has to be perfect -- the inflection and everything that you do relative to the movies. We had a few takes for sure, but hopefully our scene came out.

"I think I had four lines; I'll see if I'm on the cutting room floor."

Brandon wasn't the only Bill who made the cast. Wide receiver Ramses Barden was also in the mix, acting as a draft hopeful in the green room on draft day.

The team's new acquisition was hoping for the lead role (which subsequently went to Arian Foster), but he seems more focused on the upcoming season with his new team than his slight demotion.

"From what I hear, the movie came out tremendously," he said. "I was invited to go to the premiere but I didn’t attend. Right now, I am really in grind mode, getting ready for my upcoming season where I will not be acting, but actively playing and earning a spot and contributing to a championship culture that the Bills have."

In terms of acting futures, Brandon doesn't seem to be holding his breath.

"The calls are pouring in, there's no question about that," he joked. "I'm still waiting for my next big thing, (Steven) Spielberg, one of those guys calling, but they're not pouring in quite as quick as I'd like. We'll see how it all works out."

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