Thursday, April 3, 2014

RPT: Realistic time frame for Bills sale is 6-12 months


The Buffalo Bills announced Thursday that Mary Wilson, widow of the late Ralph Wilson Jr., is now the controlling owner of the team, which is getting things in line for an eventual transaction.

"A process will be established at an appropriate time for the sale of the franchise," a statement from the Bills read in part.

According to Tim Graham of The Buffalo News, however, the speed in which the team gets to that "process," and the process itself, may be faster than we anticipated.

A "high-ranking Bills source" told Graham that Wilson's camp could move quickly in selling the team and may finalize a deal via a league vote as early as October. Granted, the source said December or March was "more likely," but that's still less than a year away.

Meanwhile, the team-released statement continued to read as follows:

"This process will ensure that the club complies and is faithful to NFL rules and to its obligations to New York State and Erie County. We plan to have detailed discussions with the NFL, the State and County, and others as we determine the timing and structure of any sales process."

Those "obligations" refer to the Bills' stadium lease, which can be broken as early as 2020.

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