Thursday, May 1, 2014

7-game prediction good enough in Bills' ticket contest


It's not every day scoring below a 50 on a test gets you top honors. Luckily for Wayne Carr, that was plenty to win a season's worth of free tickets at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Back in March, the Buffalo Bills put out their Schedule Challenge, which offered fans an opportunity to win free Bills tickets for life if they could correctly guess the order of every single game on the team's 2014 docket. Unfortunately, no one came came close.

Mr. Carr, however, correctly guessed the most games (7), earning himself a pair of tickets to each of the team's eight home games. The Buffalo native used the recent divisional rivalries that have opened and closed the season as a starting point, which worked out to his advantage.

"I know usually they’ll play half of the division [in the] first-half [of the season] and half the division in the second half, so I kind of went on that basis," Carr said, via "Lately they’ve been finishing with the Patriots, so that’s why I picked the Pats last. The bye week is usually after the half, so I went with that."

Carr was correct on his pick for the season finale against New England, as well as the team' bye week. In fact, he had five straight correct (weeks 8 through 12), while also nailing Jim Schwartz's reunion with his former team in Week 5.

Carr was one of only three to have more than five correct entries, and he joined a group of a mere 19 percent who chose Week 9 for the team's bye. Less than 12 percent of the nearly 10,000 entries picked a season finale in Foxborough.

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