Monday, June 16, 2014

Sherman hopes Patriots let Browner do his thing


The New England Patriots are familiar with loud-mouth cornerback Richard Sherman—see Week 6 of the 2012 season.

The Seattle Seahawks superstar has opened his mouth again, but this time praising the Patriots and their newest additions to the secondary--cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and former Seahawk Brandon Browner.

Sherman made it a point that he's not concerned about Browner's ability to catch on quickly with his new team, as long as the team lets him be himself.

"(Browner) has a very good football IQ," Sherman told The Boston Herald this week. "I think he'll be fine picking up their checks and their reads and their defense. I think he'll pick that up easily and won't have any problems or issues. He's a very instinctual player, also."

The Patriots hope the 6-4 defensive back can provide a physical dimension to their secondary this season, but Sherman noted the Patriots might have to let Browner do his thing in order for that hope to come to fruition.

"Sometimes, putting a lot of pre-snap reads and all that kind of takes away from his instincts, and I hope they don't do that because that's part of our game," Sherman said. "That's what allowed us to be successful in Seattle — a lack of checks and the lack of reads and things like that. We just stand up there and go toe to toe."

The Patriots know what to expect from Revis this season. If all goes well, he'll take away one side of the field--as he did with the rival New York Jets--leaving guys like Browner and safety Devin McCourty to take care of the rest, which was much to Sherman's liking in comparison of Seattle's Legion of Boom.

Sherman was so impressed with the Patriots' addressing of the secondary this offseason, he said he believed the Pats could have the second or third best secondary in the NFL.

With that, Patriots fans may like Sherman a little more now. Maybe.

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