Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jets stress technique with sophomore guard Winters


If there's one thing New York Jets second-year guard Brian Winters needs to improve on in 2014, it's focusing on mechanics--at least according to everyone.

Winters, while showing flashes as a rookie, had a tendency last year to let his emotion override his technique.

This season, that's something those around him are stressing. Darryl Slater of The Star-Ledger did a thorough story on Winters Wednesday, getting insight from a fellow offensive lineman, an assistant coach and head coach Rex Ryan himself regarding the sophomore blocker.

"Brian had a tendency to play outside the box," assistant offensive line coach Ron Heller told Slater. "Against these quality defenders, you’ve got to be pretty technically sound.

"... When he would do things with good technique, he plays well. And then sometimes, he gets out of that. He gets caught in the emotion, and it almost turns into a street fight for him. The defenders take advantage of that."

Added veteran guard Willie Colon, "Sometimes it’s insecurity. He’s stuck in between two Pro Bowlers. That’s a lot in itself. I think he has to understand that you’re not always going to be the guy to make the play. You’ve got to let your mechanics and how you’re taught make the play for you. That’s all about maturity."

And Rex, "That’s a big thing — trust your technique. But what happens sometimes, especially if you struggle or whatever, you go right back to where you were, and it’s almost like technique is out the window. So hopefully, he’s past that."

Check out Slater's full story HERE.

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