Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whaley: No teams have contacted Bills about Spiller


Tailback C.J. Spiller is entering a contract year.

But Fred Jackson, who just signed an extension with the Buffalo Bills, isn't. Neither is Anthony Dixon, who signed with the team this offseason. Bryce Brown, who the Bills recently traded for, is also inked beyond 2014.

So speculation has been abound of late that Buffalo is shopping the veteran speedster Spiller. Bills general manager Doug Whaley quashed that notion Wednesday.

Well, sort of.

“We have not been contacted by any team about C.J. Spiller,” Whaley said, via “These rumors are news to me. It’s exciting I guess to you guys because it gives you something to fill the newspaper with.

“Again, no one, I’ll tell you guys and you know I’m a straight shooter. We have not been contacted by any teams. I can probably see where people see our depth at running back and try to connect the dots with teams that don’t have depth, but, again, nobody has contacted us.”

Whaley said three or four times that no teams have contacted the Bills. But have the Bills contacted other teams? Who knows.

Either way, Whaley sang a similar tune at the end of the 2013 season regarding Stevie Johnson before shipping away the veteran receiver in May.

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