Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sammy Watkins can't wait to catch a ball and get hit


Sammy Watkins had an uneventful debut in the first of the Buffalo Bills' five preseason games.

The team's prized rookie receiver played two series' Sunday against the New York Giants and was targeted three times by second-year quarterback E.J. Manuel, leaving the field without a catch.

Watkins, who will take the field Friday night against the Carolina Panthers, hopes he can get that first reception out of the way sooner than later--while feeling a little contact in the process.

"I wish I could have got a ball and got tackled, then it would have been out the window," Watkins said this week, via The Buffalo News. "I can’t wait until I catch a ball and get hit."

Watkins is still trying to get a taste of what pro ball is like, given that the preseason is only a light version of the real thing, though he did pick up on at least one important intricacy of the game.

"They didn’t show too much. First of all, [there] was mainly one high, pressing every time," he said. "So [you] really couldn’t get the flow of the game, but you can tell it’s a way more physical game.

"These guys are trying to get their hands on you, so you’ve got to be physical and you’ve got to really go through your steps. That’s being physical and getting off the ball."

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