Saturday, August 2, 2014

Struggling centers cue Dolphins to bring back Satele


Reports out of the Miami Dolphins' training camp indicated that the platoon of backup centers filling in for injured Mike Pouncey were struggling to adequately fill the role.

So the Dolphins went to the nearly dried-up free agent well to address the void.

The team announced Saturday has it signed veteran offensive lineman Samson Satele. Satele, who was drafted by the Dolphins in 2007, most recently played for the Indianapolis Colts after a stint with the Oakland Raiders.

The signing at least brings depth and competition into the existing center rotation made up of Sam Brenner, David Arkin, Shelley Smith and Nate Garner. Thus far, none of those options have appeared capable of starting in place of Pouncey, whose offseason hip surgery could leave him on the sidelines deep into the regular season.

The move also brings a veteran to the interior of the Dolphins offensive line, which looked poised to start some combination of Smith, Brenner, Dallas Thomas or rookie Billy Turner.

Rookie guard Samuel Longo to make room for the addition.

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