Thursday, September 4, 2014

David Nelson sheds some light on Dimitri Patterson


Former New York Jets cornerback Dimitri Patterson went AWOL a couple weekends ago. Then, he said he didn't go AWOL. Then, he was suspended. Then, he was cut.

It was a bizzare chain of events for a guy who joined the team this offseason basically a shoe-in for the starting job opposite Dee Milliner.

Patterson battled a few minor injuries, but he was always expected to bounce back and assume a role atop the depth chart.

Now, he's a goner. According to Jets receiver David Nelson, maybe he wasn't totally there to begin with.

"It just seemed like, from day one, that it was just him against the world," Nelson said, via, adding that there were "signs" and "red flags" with the veteran defender. "DBs, receivers don’t really hang out a whole lot. But there just seemed to be a different feel with him."'s Dom Costentino has more here.

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