Monday, January 5, 2015

Marrone's ex-assistant: 'self-centered, selfish, greedy'


Doug Marrone won't be working with anyone named Bob Casullo any time soon.

Casullo, who served as an assistant coach under Marrone for a year and a half at Syracuse and worked with the former Buffalo Bills coach with the New York Jets in 2004, had some choice words for his former co-worker.

During a spot on a local ESPN radio show Monday, the former assistant coach described Marrone as "self-centered, selfish and greedy," via Newsday.

Casullo's harsh words come less than a week after Marrone opted out of his contract with the Bills to seek greener(?) pastures, possibly with the Jets, whom he interviewed with Saturday.

Marrone collected a $4 million check on the way out of Buffalo, and since, a handful of insiders and media members alike have grabbed their pitchforks. Monday, Casullo joined in on the cause.

"When he takes a job, he already has his plan in place for his next job." Casullo said of Marrone.