Monday, April 13, 2015

Thurman: Expectations high for veteran Kyle Williams

Good and bad, defensive lineman Kyle Williams has seen a lot of defensive coordinators come through Buffalo. Six, to be exact.

And while new coordinator Dennis Thurman will be mainly employing coach Rex Ryan's schematic, a change Williams isn't too worried about making, his role will be crucial in the unit's success.

It's a role Thurman was sure to mention when speaking with reporters Monday.

"He’s everything I thought he would be," Thurman said via the team's website. "Tremendous competitor, he has some toughness, guys respect him, we expect him to be one of the bell cows that we lean on, and our expectation is that he will continue to play at a high level."

Williams was ranked in the top three among 3-4 defensive ends in 2013 under Mike Pettine, according to ProFootballFocus, a scheme that is likely to be similar to what Ryan and Thurman will utilize this season. Williams set a career high in sacks that season (10.5), five more than he's had in any other season in his 10-year career.

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